A Robust eCommerce Merchandising Strategy is essential to

Drive conversions

Increase average order value

Increase customer loyalty

Increase visitor retention and decrease bounce rate

Create a differentiated and memorable user experience

The pandemic has permanently shifted consumer behavior and eCommerce sales across sectors continue to rise. Customer choice has proliferated and for the eCommerce sites, it has become harder to stand out. The customer is also overwhelmed with choices but struggles to reach a decision because of incomplete and incorrect product information.

What eCommerce sites need is a comprehensive product content strategy that is executed well.

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The Critical Role Of
Comprehensive Product Content

With a comprehensive, complete, well-defined, SEO-embedded, and optimized product content strategy, eCommerce sites can get the following benefits –

  • More customers can find their way to the site - leading to more qualified visitors
  • Customers can easily find the right products on the site - leading to more conversions
  • The product information can help the visitors make quick purchase decisions
  • Cross-selling and up-selling opportunities through product bundling can open up
  • Onboarding of new products becomes easier and more scalable
  • The stakeholders can make data-driven decisions about product and site evolution

However, companies struggle with product content strategy definition as well as execution. They don’t always have the required expertise, are unable to scale internal teams as per the changing requirements, and struggle to ensure content quality.

Introducing Codifyd’s

Content-as-a-Service is a scalable end-to-end managed service offering whereby Codifyd helps eCommerce companies define and execute the right product content strategy for assured merchandising success.

With CaaS, you will get SEO - embedded merchandising, including:

How CaaS Works?

The end-to-end managed service is offered through a retainer model. You hire a dedicated team for a fixed number of hours. The activities are collaboratively defined based on the business priorities.

The team is highly flexible and can be ramped up or scaled down based on need.

Why CaaS From Codifyd?

20+ Years Of Expertise In All Things
Merchandising And Content Design

  • Proven track record and experience across dozens of projects for a variety of industry verticals
  • Global delivery team of AP-trained copywriters, marketing and library science analysts, SEO experts, and digital graphics artists and image editors.
  • A data-driven and researched approach to merchandising - regardless of element (Search & Browse, Onboarding, Copywriting, Digital Assets, Meta-Data, etc.)