Analytics gives companies access to critical insights that are based on and driven by data. It leverages smart visualization to give businesses comprehensive visibility and draw from these insights to plan better for the future. Apart from keeping businesses updated with a data-driven approach to establishing best practices, it also gives them visibility of their current standing and progress on business goals and objectives.

The next frontier of B2B sales is predictive analytics

Codifyd brings together the best in technology and deep data expertise to power organizations with smart analytics for better business decisions. We focus on providing businesses with clarity on the metrics that can drive not just revenue but also overall business performance.

Supply chain analytics enables businesses to increase accuracy in planning and achieve a lean supply chain that helps boost ROI significantly. It helps organizations better understand risks and prepare for the future.

With Codifyd’s Supply Chain Analytics offerings, businesses get a holistic view of their supply chain starting from demand all the way to customer service. We reduce demand-supply uncertainties by helping businesses uncover patterns and generate insights from disparate data points.

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Sales forecasting supports businesses in overall planning, budgeting and forecasting. It allows businesses to manage cash flow and allocate resources for future growth with high efficiency. With clear and accurate forecasting, businesses are able to predict short- and long-term performance for more effective planning. 

At Codifyd, we leverage historic data while taking into consideration internal and external factors for accurate sales forecasting. Our offerings ensure a boost in sales predictability, productivity and efficacy to drive top-line growth in sales operations.


Sales Forecast Analytics

We give businesses a quantitative estimation of future revenue of sales units in upcoming weeks, months, quarters or years. This ensures objective expectation setting which, in turn, enables realistic goal establishment.

Pricing Analytics

With one eye on market standards and competition, we ensure that businesses are selling the right products at the right price. We ensure that companies make the most of pricing by keeping them ahead of the game.

Sales Lead Analytics

Our Sales Lead Analytics enable businesses to evaluate the efficacy of their sales and marketing efforts by tracking lead performance. We provide a comprehensive view of areas that are maximizing ROI, and those that have room for improvement.

Product Analytics

With product analytics, we give business clarity on product performance in the market. Additionally, we provide information on the need and possible impact of addition of new products, and guidance on managing backorders.

Customer Intelligence enables businesses to gather and analyze customer-related information and leverage these insights to improve customer relationships. It gives businesses insights into customer behaviour and preferences, hence enabling them to improve their decision making in terms of product range, marketing services and other variables.

With Codifyd, businesses get a bird’s-eye-view of, both, customer segment patterns as well as personal preferences. We provide Customer Intelligence insights that are not just incisive but also actionable.

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Market Intelligence comprises the collection of market information and data, analysis of this data, and the formulation of insights that enables businesses to thrive in their target markets. It gives organizations an extensive and exhaustive account of market segmentation, penetration, opportunities and metrics for improved decision making.

At Codifyd, we provide organizations with 360° access to market intelligence with a focus on market trends, customers and competitive insights. In doing so, we not only enable businesses to understand their market ecosystems better, but also chalk out best practices that help them succeed in these ecosystems. 

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Working with key stakeholders to identify a comprehensive list of problems that can be solved with maximum impact


Provide information specific to the identified problems

Tools & Infrastructure

Provide information specific to the identified problems


Describe governance process required for short-term and long-term analytics success

Business user training and operationalizing solution for ongoing use

Prioritization based on business impact

High level solution architecture

Identification of data sources and data transformation

Tool and infrastructure recommendations



Business Needs

Identify the drivers behind predictive analytics project, define the problem statement & set up expectations on outcomes

Data Exploration & Consolidation

Data Sufficiency, internal & external data identification & consolidation to form a single source of truth

Predictive Modelling

Building Predictive model(s) suiting business needs and industry compliances

Evaluation & Acceptance

How good is the model performing & User Acceptance Testing?

Model Deployment

Deploying the model to a production environment

Business Intelligence

Turning results to actions by empowering business users with Interactive & Actionable Dashboards

CoE cross-functional starter team

Analytics best practices and robust Tools & Infrastructure

Predictive Model build and deployment

Actionable Intelligence delivered via Business Intelligence tools

Business user training and operationalizing solution for ongoing use