As businesses enter into the digital age, Digital Commerce becomes a critical tool to drive business growth. With the right mix of strategy, technology and processes, Digital Commerce enables businesses to evolve to the current business ecosystem, its demands, and preps them for a digital future.

Codifyd offers businesses end-to-end Digital Commerce Solutions that focus on providing customer-centric services designed around unique requirements. We help create a comprehensive roadmap for your business’s digital ascent.

Since digital commerce is not a one-size-fits-all solution for business objectives, strategizing your digital commerce path is of paramount importance. Everything from customer profiling and establishment of industry standards to a thorough understanding of your resources and revenue trajectory play a vital role in Digital Commerce Strategy.

Codifyd enables digital growth with a practical roadmap that helps align content with customers. By creating investment projects based on digital growth, we deploy Digital Commerce Strategy to establish your business as a trendsetter in the industry.


Customer Insights

Our Digital Commerce Strategy enables businesses to leverage an analytics-driven approach to answer critical questions such as “Who is your target customer; what do they expect; and how do you align your products to meet these expectations?”


Content-First Approach

We ensure that businesses make the most of product data by adopting a content-first approach. We create content that’s unique, consistent, differentiated, and responsive to customer requirements and expectations


Testing Focused

With an analytics-driven approach, we empower businesses with actionable insights for robust decision making


Guided by Revenue

Revenue acts as a rudder for all our strategy initiatives. We ensure that businesses lock in on revenue as a critical success metric and maintain focus through their digital journeys


  • Merchandising strategy
  • Commerce & MDM technology equirements
  • Digital content processes
  • Data governance & information management


  • E-commerce analytics
  • Category & competitor analysis
  • Search optimization
  • User experience & content improvement


  • Content 360 Degree Strategy
  • Technology, content & channel roadmap
  • Content Onboarding
  • Content category pilot

A positive experience at a brick-and-mortar store is achieved through the enablement of, not one, but multiple factors ranging from good planogram of product display to swift findability coupled with great customer service. Things are not too different when it comes to Experience Design for digital commerce. Whether its product experience design or customer experience design, businesses need to strategize and implement these designs by leveraging technology, design and a thorough understanding of customer expectations to create unforgettable buying journeys.

Our Experience Design services piece together product experience and user experience expertise to deliver the ultimate customer experiences (CX). Driven by analytics and insights, we enable brands to align with customer expectations, inspiring loyalty and advocacy.

Ecommerce Implementation gives businesses the power to sell their products and services online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
It enables you to access a larger global market and build on your online presence in real time.That said, whether it’s B2B
or B2C eCommerce Implementation, the process often includes an evolving scope that can lead to cost overruns. This makes the right
kind of implementation imperative!

With Codifyd’s eCommerce Implementation services, businesses find ideal platforms to sell products with ease, reach new
potential customers and clients, target the ideal markets and establish brand presence by optimizing purchase journeys and
building better relationships with customers. We ensure that this is achieved with the right kind of planning, contingency
management and strategy to mitigate loss of sales opportunities.

01 Strategy & Planning

ecommerce implementation strategy and planning

Our strategy and planning for eCommerce Implementation is driven by specific business visions and objectives. We do so by taking into consideration diverse customer profiles spread across devices and channels.

We bring in-depth, industry-specific expertise and technological knowhow to help businesses identify the right tools for their requirements. With thorough audits and analyses, we ensure that technology is selected to complement an enterprise’s business model and best practices.

02Technology Identification

03 User Journey

We define scope, user personas, scenarios and user expectations, touch points and intentions to chart precise user journey maps. We leverage these maps to identify and establish the best model for eCommerce Implementation.

By scoping and identifying user problems, we help businesses design and develop User Interface that is easy to use, intuitive, and complementary to the user journey.

04 UI Design & Development