Modern day businesses sit on large repositories of key data assets ranging from product and customer data to location data, asset data and more. Cross organizational divisions produce disparate data that is often fragmented, duplicated or even lost at times. In turn, data loss or low-quality data negatively impacts decision making. Answering even the most basic questions such as “which customers are the most profitable” or “which products deliver the best margins” becomes challenging.

Master Data Management (MDM) systems help integrate this data to create an accurate, up-to-date, single source of truth. Sound MDM enables businesses to go beyond mere integration, providing them with improved visibility, robust governance, seamless syndication and valuable insights for decision making.


Codifyd’s Master Data Management and Product Information Services help businesses identify and develop the right processes, workflows, and governance rules to make the most of data. We take an agile approach best suited for specific data domains and provide customized templates for accelerated implementation.

With best-in-class Master Data Management and Product Information Services, we support not just implementation and management, but also timely audits and in-depth support on data curation, ingestion and transformation.

With accuracy, semantic consistency, stewardship and security across the board, we accelerate businesses on the path to digital excellence.

Codifyd is a leading and preferred Master Data Management Consultant & System Integrator



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Best in class
MDM Offering

  • Strategy & Roadmap
  • Platform evaluation & selection
  • Implementation & hosting
  • Managed services

Key features

  • Tailored approach for each data domain
  • Data taxonomy implementation accelerated through in-house software and tools
  • In-Depth support on data curation, ingestion, transformation and on-going governance

we support

Master Data Management (MDM) Strategy involves an in-depth audit of existing data across departments, with an underlying intent to set up the right roles, processes, workflows and governance for optimized business performance.

Codifyd’s Master Data Management 360 Strategy develops content-centric implementation plans and practical roadmaps to accelerate product information processes, and provide superior search-to-purchase experiences for end users. We guide businesses through platform evaluation, selection and implementation; and provide extended support with managed service maintenance and platform optimization. Our Master Data Management 360 Strategy powers organizations with operational efficiency while also creating unforgettable digital commerce experiences for B2B2C customers.


Current & Future
State Analysis

We audit master data and related processes for a current state understanding of data quality, governance rules, risk management and other factors that have a bearing on a business’s core objectives. Envisaging the implementation of the required Master Data Management strategy, we help businesses establish metrics for the future, post implementation


Project Scope

Analysis of the current state, and goal-setting for the future allows us to give businesses clarity on the project scope – What data are we looking to manage better? Why are we doing this? How will it impact the business? Who will be in charge of it?


Project Plan

We work towards creating a plan that includes solutions tailored for individual business needs. This agile operating model includes playbook-driven, market-tested repeatable processes that improve governance and lower the cost of business and technology operations


Team Structure

Delineating the right roles for the right job, we ensure businesses run with lean, effective teams to get the job done


Time Frame

By creating a granular execution roadmap, we provide clients with clarity on the step-by-step execution and timelines for our Master Data Management 360 Strategy

Three Pillars of
Master Data Management Progress & Maturity


  • Legacy Platform Aggregation
  • Onboarding, Maintenance, Governance, Workflows
  • Interface Streamline

Aggregate data platforms

  • Full unification of ERP, CMS, CRM, Vendor portal & DAM
  • Optimized to support downstream syndicate
  • Strict, unified and platform driven workflow and approval process
  • Establish data governance protocols and standards that are managed and maintained in platforms
  • Financial benefits derived from speed to market and web conversion, G&A reductions from legacy system & headcount

Automate & Syndicate

    New Syndication Channel:

  • 3rd Party Data
  • Services
  • Marketplace

Syndicate Evolution

  • Rely less on mutual governance and more on automation
  • Implementation and integrate data syndicate to accelerate data acquisition and validation using automated data integration
  • Establish an ongoing and automated syndicate process to ROI proven downstream initiative

Analyze & Action

  • Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics
  • Product, Location, Vendor/Supplier, Customer Master "Golden Records"
  • Enable data-driven decision making

Platform Evolution

  • Establish Master Data for the domains of product, location, vendor, customer
  • Create data-driven cross-section of Master data golden records to transactional data (pricing, sales, supply chain) for predictable & prescriptive analytics process
  • Establish automated process to micro-marketing campaign & data-driven/on-demand pricing, contract bids

A majority of Master Data Management vendors usually push one-size-fits-all services that may or may not address a business’s unique requirements. Every business has a select set of business use cases (ex: maintenance & workflow features) or technical use cases (ex: inbound and outbound integration) that they need support with.

We understand the vast diversity in business requirements based on data sources, data types, data use and related processes. We take into consideration the size of the business, price constraints, requirement (Multi-domain vs. Client/Product Master Data Management) and other variables to help businesses select the service best suited for their custom requirements. We do so by testing vendors in real world scenarios, urging them to demonstrate basic capabilities identified as critical by organizations.

We support businesses with Master Data Management program charters and roadmaps to analyze content and workflow gaps and identify risks and dependencies required for resolution. Our roadmap would typically include a current state summary, establishment of future state requirements and use case development based on current practices and potential new practices that would support new product content goals.


Technical &
Functional Use Cases

We help create a clear distinction between technical use cases (types of data, sources, or process) and functional use cases (departments of the business that will benefit from it) to help businesses better understand their requirements


RFI Process

As a part of the Request for Information (RFI) process, we garner all the required information from vendors to provide clients with a better understanding of the scope of each service


RFP Process

Furthermore, we follow-up with the Request for Proposal (RFP) process to solicit proposals and provide suggestions for improvement if required


Vendor Scorecards

We put together all critical criteria and metrics to create a detailed and objective vendor scorecard to enable businesses to make the right choice

Master Data Management Implementation is rarely free from challenges; there are no two ways about it. With inevitable changes and evolving requirements, rigid waterfall processes for implementation lead to delays and cost implications. This is exactly where inflexible Master Data Management models fall flat. On the other hand, successful Master Data Management implementation backed by agile processes can fast-track an organization’s progress and ensure a robust Master Data Management framework for the future.

With end-to-end service and support, we ensure that Master Data Management Implementation is business-driven. We take an agile approach to ensure that implementation stays on track despite challenges. This prepares businesses for not just technical challenges, but also organizational roadblocks, data and security related challenges and other unforeseen contingencies.


Process Workflow

We design detailed process workflows to ensure smooth Master Data Management implementation that goes through with minimum or no ambiguity


Business Rules

By clearly defining business rules, we ensure that these guidelines are a part of every step of Master Data Management implementation


Data Model Hierarchies & Attribution

We build data model hierarchies with backbone or alternate structures, defining relationships between data points based on the type of data and its application across touchpoints in the hierarchy


Digital Asset Management

We create centralized-access points to digital assets empowering businesses to deploy them across various channels and platforms as required. Doing so facilitates businesses to add value to customer experience and buying journeys


User Interface Design

Keeping the end user in mind, we ensure that we equip Master Data Management tools with intuitive UI design making them easier to use


User Group

We cluster stakeholders from different disciplines to create groups based on required permissions, job functions, departments or clients they are assigned to. These groups enable user permission management on data and transactions

MDM user group tab

Dashboards & Reports

With customizable layouts, information architecture and other options, we create custom dashboards and reports to provide visibility of key metrics and trends to concerned stakeholders


Inbound/Outbound Integration

Master Data Management systems receive data from one or more sources which requires normalization, matching, consolidation and maintenance. The same applies to outbound data flow. With comprehensive Master Data Management implementation, we ensure that the flow of data across both streams is controlled, governed and normalized as required


Quality Assurance

With all these levers in place, we ensure that data quality remains our top priority. While we do ensure 40-60% faster time to market, we make sure data quality is top-notch in doing so

Master Data Management Hosting Platforms enable businesses to access and manage master data. Using the right platform ensures that businesses can draw actionable intelligence from unified and accurate data in a timely manner, improving processes and augmenting sales.

With complex integration requirements and the need to manage data across various sources and destinations, choosing the right hosting platform can make all the difference in Master Data Management implementation. Codifyd provides businesses with a thorough understanding of their own requirements, and how these can be aligned with the right hosting service to fulfill their business objectives. It enables them to get the most out of the platform with ongoing monitoring, performance management and additional support!

Additionally, we ensure that your business gets a platform that provides high performance and security whether your data resides on the cloud, on premise or on hybrid environments.


Cloud Hosting &
Core Managed Services

Whether companies are looking for the agility and simplicity of cloud hosting, or high levels of control, security and autonomy that core management services provide, we can set them up with just the right service



These services include timely and robust data monitoring measures that ensure high quality data and consistency


Performance Management

With ongoing monitoring and fine-tuning, we drive performance management and business decision-making


Managed Application Services

We also offer managed application services to handle Master Data Management systems from the ground up. We ensure these systems are set up right and functioning in line with your business vision

Managed Services offer support for both, day-to-day, and large scale Master Data Management projects. These services save businesses from the hassle of operational challenges, freeing up resources and manpower for larger growth initiatives.

With Codifyd’s Managed Services, your businesses can enjoy comprehensive end-to-end solutions for varying Master Data Management requirements. These offerings include servers and networks, software and technology infrastructure, systems for data backup and overall risk management and network security. They take away the hassle of running Master Data Management systems, giving business leaders a chance to focus on other areas of growth.


Defect Remediation

We equip businesses with visibility into defects discovered, prioritization of these defects, and timely resolution measures to ensure minimum or no business impact. We follow this up with a thorough analysis to ensure these systems are equipped with the right preventive mechanisms to avoid repetition in the future.

As businesses expand in the digital sphere, they often come across a need to build new features for increasingly effective data management. With our managed services, we support new feature development to ensure that businesses have the required flexibility and agility to adapt to the future.


New Feature



While we manage Master Data Management services from the inside-out, we also empower businesses by providing the required training and enablement to internal stakeholders who interact with these systems. Giving an inside view of Master Data Management systems, we ensure stakeholders get a balanced view between business objectives and system capabilities.

We provide all users and internal stakeholders with access to the required application support to ensure maximized output from Master Data Management systems


Application Support